Never Be Vulnerable Again!

"Learn The True Secrets Of Self Defense And Have An Unfair Advantage Over Any Attacker With Unconventional Everyday Weapons!"

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt Vulnerable? It's not a good feeling to have. Chances are if you're reading this, sometime in the past you have felt Vulnerable and concerned about your own personal safety or a loved one.

Many people consider buying some sort of personal protection like a weapon. It could be a hand gun, mace, pepper spray, knife, specialized key chain or a multitude of other self defense weapons on the market today.

The problem with a standard weapon is you never have the time to get access to the weapon, you're unable to effectively use the weapon or the weapon falls into the hands of the attacker and the weapon is now used on you - the intended victim.

It's Awesome…

"As a woman, it's important that your first strike is your best one, as you might not get a second chance. Shihan Pace's system is awesome. Quick, simple and easy to learn."

Dr. Laurie LaSorsa
Chester, NJ

For a moment - just image being attacked:

Scenario One: You're walking down the street when suddenly from nowhere an attacker lunges from the shadows. It take a few seconds to register what's about to happen, when you finally realize you've left your weapon at home on the night stand or dresser beside your bed. What do you do?

Scenario Two: You're attempting to open your car door in the parking lot one night in an almost empty lot when from nowhere a figure appears to the right of you. In a flash the attacker throws himself towards you. You fumble around trying to obtain access to the weapon and you can't retrieve it fast enough before the assailant wrestles you to the ground and secures your weapon. Now what do you do?

The Ultimate Weapon To Use On Your Attacker!

The problem with using and having a weapon is that you lose the element of surprise on your attacker, which is one of the most important strategies of self defense.

Another problem with many weapon's used for self defense, is that they 'look like' a weapon. For example, if you pull out a knife or a canister of pepper spray, it immediately tells your attacker you are a potential threat to him. It gives him the opportunity to grab it, take out and use his own weapon or to simply over power you.

"The key to effective self defense is by using your weapon in a way that it in not perceived as a weapon and gains you the element of surprise - thus becoming - The Ultimate Weapon."

Shihan Michael Pace

How is this possible?

First, the "weapon" should not be recognized as a weapon. Your 'weapon' should not be a weapon at all, but an everyday item that you may have on or near you.

Through this program you will learn how to turn an ordinary item into an extremely effective self defense weapon.

You'll do this by learning how to apply the secrets of disguising this 'non weapon', so that you can explode into action to surprise and stun your attacker before they can even react!

I can tell you after over 40 years of self defense experience that this is the KEY to effective self defense.

My name is Michael Pace, I have been studying and teaching the martial arts for over 40 years. I own and run my own martial arts studio full time, five days a week. For the record, I am 8th Degree Black Belt and have been awarded the title of 'Shihan' (Master).

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a very old, eccentric and wise self defense instructor. He only taught those he wanted to. I had to personally travel to his private training camp in a secluded area he owned. I also had to spend quite a bit of money and time to travel quite the distance to get there. He was highly recommended in the arts of his unusual self defense strategies.

The 'secrets' he taught me, all had to do with using just about anything within your reach as a super powerful, extremely devastating, defensive weapon. He taught me a certain way of using these 'weapons' that was so powerful and yet so surprising that it almost always works (sorry, nothing is 100% in life).

Now You Can Level The Playing Field and Defend Yourself Against Bigger, Stronger and Even More Experienced Attackers

After developing a following of thousands of online customers who have purchased our other self defense videos, I have decided to release a brand new training video called:

"Extraordinary Impact"

Gaining an Unfair Advantage with
Unconventional Weapons

Here is what it teaches, step by step:

How to turn ordinary, every day items that are within your reach into "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

The secret to using these 'weapons' in a way that just about guarantees your safety and defense!

In your house, in the car, in the street or just taking a country walk... these weapons are everywhere... just in case you need them.

How one single technique can give you the confidence and the defensive power you need to stave off just about any attack.

The fallacy of pepper sprays and mace!

How to avoid using these 'weapons' in a way your attacker will easily avoid them (it's not what you think).

The art of transforming whatever is within your reach into devastating self defense power.

How to instantly recognize just about any everyday item as a defensive weapon and the proper way to use them.

Our S.N.E.A.K. Attack System - A self defense system that almost always works.

The exact way (it's really simple when done correctly) to use these 'weapons' to stop and drop just about any attacker, instantly!

Learn how to use just about everything and anything that you can get your hands on, as a powerful self defense weapon!

And Much, Much, More!

You will learn all this and more, quickly and easily regardless of your athletic ability... in a way that's fun and exciting to practice! You will be able to use these techniques the same day you get the video!

I am Amazed…

"I am amazed at the simplicity of this system. I would have never thought that you could use just about anything as such a powerful weapon. I especially liked the practice targets you showed us."

B. Petrocelli
Pembroke Pines, FL

This is a HUGE Advantage…

"Since I am in a wheelchair, I needed something that would give me an advantage. Thanks for a great video!"

C. Higgs
Stockholm, NJ

Never Feel Vulnerable Again!

Give yourself the best chance possible to defend yourself! Whether you are a complete beginner or have some training, this video is for you. I personally guarantee you, that you'll never feel vulnerable again if you watch, learn and use the techniques I offer on this video. It will give you the confidence and the know how to defend yourself.

Order My Video or DVD Today and Take Advantage of My Special, Limited Time, New Release Offer!

Normally I Would Charge $200.00 Per Hour To Go Over This
Highly Specialized Training With You In Person.

Order today and you'll get our brand new DVD : "Extraordinary Impact - Gaining an Unfair Advantage Using Uncoventional Weapons" almost one full hour of information packed video training, for only $24.95 plus $4.95 for shipping & handling. That's a full $15.00 discount from the regular price of $39.95!


Order "Extraordinary Impact - Gaining an Unfair Advantage Using Uncoventional Weapons" today, watch it, try it out and practice my techniques for a full 90-Days. If for any reason you feel this video will not give you the "Unfair Advantage" I say it will, then simply return it for a full, no questions asked, refund (less shipping & handling). I will gladly and quickly refund your money.

Shihan Michael Pace

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How to turn ordinary, every day items that are within your reach into "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

The secret to using these 'weapons' in a way that just about guarantees your safety and defense!

And Much, Much, More!

And if you're not totally thrilled, you'll get a 100% refund.

You have no risk click here to get started right away!"


Shihan Michael Pace


Sensei Barbara Pace

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